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Master Your Global Career Agility Skills!

Learning that Impacts and Sticks

talent tech job workshopWorkshop:
Present Your Achievements on Paper!

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Are you caught in a confusion of not getting job interviews? This programme is designed to help you to write your accomplishments and value in your job application in relevant and concise way, and thus to stand out of the crowd!
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assesss your fitWorkshop:
Assess Your Fit!

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You wonder what realistic job options in the United Nations and international organizations fit your skills and aspirations. Join this programme to identify your transferable skills, assess realistic possible job options that fit your interests, and to make you next career move with clarity and confidence!
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Present Yourself at the Competency Based Interview!

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A Competency based interview is a proven to be effective approach that helps a hiring manager to assess - Can you do a job? Will you do a job? Will you fit in? Join this programme to learn and practice a winning strategy to articulate your professional stories to a hiring manager in compelling and concise way!
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Matanat Rahimova, Ph.D., MBA
Career Consultant and Coach
T +43-664-9127366


icon"Working with Matanat was a great experience. I got constrictive feedback on my two different application forms and a specific preparation for the interviews which followed. In my case the application process was so successful, that after only few months, I am now able to start my career at one of the UN agencies. Coming from a for-profit sector, with Matanat’s support I got better understanding of the specifics definitions and the "language" used in the international organizations, and how to highlight the most important components of my professional experience. Matanat guided me throughout the whole process whenever I needed her help or advice, and I could count on her support all the time, which I appreciated very much.” –M.M., Spain –

iconThe program helped me in many ways. I increased my self-confidence, built and strengthened relationships with some powerful forward looking people and developed a strategic action plan for my own life. As a result, I feel good about my future." – Lenka -

icon“…The [UN Programme] has offered me the [programme officer] position. Thank you for your interview preparation support.” – H.S., Ethiopia -