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Do you want to land a dream job in an international development organization but find the process confusing and complex? Are you not sure what it takes to get engaged with international development organizations?

Are you already working in an international development organization and want to make a next move in your career but need help figuring out what the best path is for you?

You can achieve your goals, and as a career coach and agile consultant I can help.

Drawing on my extensive international managerial and HR experience in the United Nations’ system and intergovernmental organizations, I have a passion to help individuals who want to build their dream career in the international development sector (organizations of the United Nations’ family, intergovernmental organizations, international development and humanitarian NGOs, foundations) and make an impact with the work they do.

The good news

If you are switching a career from the for-profit sector to the international development sector, you will find a lot of free information (job postings, application process guidance, job benefits, etc.) on the websites of the UN and other development organizations for those who have a passion to work in the development organizations and want to make an impact with their work

If you are already working in an international development organization and you are going through a phase of transitioning to another assignment, you might get necessary support and guidance from your Human Resources office on available opportunities within your organization.

Your challenges: qualification and passion are not enough…

Sector switchers from a for-profit to an international development sector:

- Too much information can be overwhelming and confusing, and raise many questions - where to look for a job, how to apply and what are the chances for successful placement
- International development sector trends to be very different from the for-profit sector. The challenges, opportunities and specifics of this sector cannot be found in other industries - thus common career advice is not always effective here
- Job titles in the international development sector differ from those in the corporate world, and create doubts - what are you qualified for? What are realistic position and role for you to take?

Professionals in an international development organization:

- Lack of professional career development support within the organization
- Lack of career transition coaching and consulting, including career assessment and exploring opportunities not only within your organization but also in other organisations, functional areas and locations
- Lack of mentoring and coaching support to build the right skills and competencies for archiving your career goals.

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iconWhen I started the program with Matanat and I told her about the lack of self-confidence I had been experiencing during my job search. Matanat was very objective and assertive, helping me to strategize my search based on my strengths. She recommended good literature on the topic and at the end of each appointment I was given homework. This helped me to stay focused during the intervals between our meetings. She has always encouraged me and her approach contributed to increasing my self-confidence. Now I’ve got a job [in an international public organization] and I am glad she was part of this achievement. Thank you, Matanat!” – Lizia F. -

iconThe program helped me in many ways. I increased my self-confidence, built and strengthened relationships with some powerful forward looking people and developed a strategic action plan for my own life. As a result, I feel good about my future." – Lenka -

icon…The [UN Programme] has offered me the [programme officer] position. Thank you for your interview preparation support.” " – H.S., Ethiopia -

iconThank you very much for your career consulting support, I could make a dream of mine come true. I am working now at the [UN agency]." – Ö.C., Austria -

Career TalkWhat I can offer to help you with these challenges

- Providing with the expert career related insights of the UN system and international development sector

- Identifying your realistic job options and suitable organizations for your next career move

- Identifying and aligning your experience and transferable skills to your desired job
- Providing with strategies to become a stronger candidate and make action with confidence

- Providing with a customised career transition roadmap that saves your time and speed up your job search process

- Human and empathic approach building trust and confidence to ensure that you are actually moving towards long term fulfilling life and work goal achievement, and not just another job.


icon“The experience of participating in a programme with Matanat has been a journey of self-realisation both in private and professional life. More targeted “job searches" helped me to minimise my search, yet it became more effective. I learnt to recognise my skills and strengths along with finding the match in job advertisements.
Matanat helped me through my job search. Now I got a job [in an international organization]. When I started working, we continued our mentoring relationship over my new role and adaptation to the new organisational culture.
With Matanat I practiced my strengths rather than my weaknesses. I learned to value more the things that I have done and the experiences that I have gone through. I found myself back on track and focused. “ –Negin

icon“I was lucky to meet Matanat during a very tough period of my life: I had to change my job [in an intergovernmental organization] because of certain circumstances, I had neither enough experience in the new sphere nor confidence and I strongly needed the advice of an expert.
I was really blessed to meet Matanat. During two coaching sessions she helped me to understand how I should act in the new environment and how to increase my efficiency. I gained self-confidence and started thinking positively. I am really grateful to Matanat for her support, professionalism and kind words. If you are confused, stressed, feeling down, unsatisfied with yourself and your career, you should definitely talk to Matanat, I believe she will make you shine!”
– Jamila –

icon"Working with Matanat was a great experience. I got constrictive feedback on my two different application forms and a specific preparation for the interviews which followed. In my case the application process was so successful, that after only few months, I am now able to start my career at one of the UN agencies. Coming from a for-profit sector, with Matanat’s support I got better understanding of the specifics definitions and the "language" used in the international organizations, and how to highlight the most important components of my professional experience. Matanat guided me throughout the whole process whenever I needed her help or advice, and I could count on her support all the time, which I appreciated very much.” –M.M., Spain –

icon“Working with Matanat has definitely made a significant impact on my application for a job position in the [UN agency]. Without her assistance during my application process I would hardly been chosen for the candidate shortlist. I had to prepare my application documents professionally in a very short time of period which seemed to be impossible for me because I had no prior experience in applying for an international organization. Thanks to Matanat’s flexibility and professional guidance my application got noticed and I was finally chosen for the job position. I appreciate having worked with her and I am grateful for her support.”– Ö.B., Turkey –