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What Values and Benefits you gain working with me

In order to land a great career in the international development sector including UN system, you need to understand the sector’s specifics, know how to search for jobs there, and to re-frame your skills and experience to show relevance and well-defined transferability to the desired position, organization, and subject area. The best way to do this is by getting help from a career consultant who has worked and developed people in this sector.

Although success largely depends on the effort you put into your career development, I will specifically support you and bring value to your career transition in three ways:
1. Saving time and speeding up your job search and career development processes by getting a clear sense of your career purpose and direction in the international development sector
2. Increasing your income by equipping you with the job search strategies, career development skills and insights on the real value of the job (e.g. benefits, hidden costs, negotiation options, the sector’s insights) that can lead you to well-rewarded positions and roles in UN and international organizations
3. Increasing confidence, courage and satisfaction by increasing awareness on your natural strengths, talents, skills, and taking action on the new opportunities - thus making a difference in your life and in the world.

Executive Career Development Programmes and Pricing

I offer several programmes and professional services that help you reveal knowledge about yourself, communicate confidently what you are worth, get sector’s insights in order to create a realistic action plan to achieve your career dreams and hopes in UN and the international development organizations.
If you feel that none of the programme meet your needs, I will be happy to talk to you and design a special customized session or programme just for you.

Development programmes

Career Check Up: Make Your Impact on the World


Looking to change your career to make high impact? This programme is for you if you want to make impact at large scale probably working together with/for the UN, EU and International Organizations here and abroad. Before you start your job search , make sure that you know what you WANT to do in WHAT role and area, and you are QUALIFIED to do. What new opportunities will open to you? What doors back may be closed? This programme helps you to identify exactly this. Take the guesswork out of your job search! Take the Career Check Up coaching to get clarity on your next career step, and actually take action with confidence and with speed.

What the programme includes:
•   Discussion of your current career life situation, interests and career goals
•   Identify your strengths, growth areas and career value as relevant to the sector's needs
•   Identify the realistic career and job options that fit
•   A totally re-designed CV focused on the new desired roles/functions
•  Build life long career skills of career decision making
•  Act with speed and confidence with a personal powerful career plan 
Unlimited email support.

Price: 1200 EUR 

Career Agility Coaching 


Looking to make sense of your current work challenges? Looking to explore different and new approaches that actually work for you - and help you to turn your challenges into new opportunities?

This programme is for you if you want to

•    get promoted and drive impact
•    become more confident in advancing your career
•    take yourself to a total new level of confidence and achievement.

Price : 399 EUR

Become an Agile Leader


Challenged by growing complexity of your projects and rapidly changing work environment? Build new agile capacity to take your leadership skills and behaviours to a whole new level - with this executive programme that focuses on your relevant career and business goals!

This programme helps you to reach a total new level of confidence with the rapid changes happening everywhere – and to become the agile leader you are striving to be.

Take this agile coaching programme and adopt a new agile way of working to
- develop agile mind set and learn a constant prioritization
- act strategically with speed and decisiveness
- build new collaborative relationships with your senior management team, peers and stakeholders, and drive impact.

The programme includes six (6) 60-minute coaching sessions and unlimited email support.

Price 1890 EUR

Professional services

Writing Standing out UN Job Application - Your Journey to Getting Job Interviews Starts Here


Not getting interviews? This coaching programme will help you to write the effective CV/UN Job Application  by successfully lining up all your experience and skills to the business needs and requirements of the applied position. Present your career value in writing in a way that a hiring authority wants to read it. Your relevant, compelling and concise CV/Job Application will drastically increase your chances to stand out of crowd.

What the programme includes:
•   Discussion of your career goal and the applied job issues
•   Business needs analyses as relevant to the applied position
•   Wrap your knowledge and experience in a package of values you bring to a hiring manager
•   Write the Job Application Profile in a compelling and concise way using the right sector's ''language".  Present the relevant information that a hiring manager wants to read, and stand out.
•   Take your CV writing career skills to a whole new level that lasts career long!
•   Unlimited email support

Price : 1200 EUR

A Cover Letter - Your Career Value Message! 


A cover letter is an executive summary for your entire job application portfolio. This coaching programme helps you to master your direct message to the hiring authority “why are you the best candidate?”. 

What the programme includes
• Discussion of the job you are applying for, and your career goal
• Review and practical feedback on a cover letter and any pre-screening questions and documents of the job you are applying for, and your career goal.
• Take your skills of write in compelling and concise way to a total new level  - shine light on your outstanding values and relevant accomplishments to a hiring manager.

Price: 499 EUR 

A Competency-based Interviews Prep 


Job interview will ultimately determine whether or not you will be granted a job offer. The UN and UN affiliated organizations use a competency-based interview approach in a recruitment process. This programme helps you to learn about the CBI and to build skills and confidence by participating mock interview(s) and receiving feedback and coaching.

What the programme includes:
•    Discussion of the job you are applying for
•   EXPERT ADVICE on the purpose, process and strategy of the competency-based interview and tests
•    SELF-STUDY CBI PRE-WORK PACKAGE designed just for your case with DOs and DON"Ts.
•    MOCK INTERVIEWS (3 hours) focused on the competencies of your targeted job and coaching you with immediate feedback with effective strategies to answer "difficult" questions
•    Provide a professional, external sounding board for you how you can best meet your needs.

Price : 900 EUR  for 3 hours coaching;  500 EUR for 90 minutes coaching.
(An additional mock interview is available in conjunction with any other programmes upon request at a special client price).

Exactly how to communicate complex technical issues in a simple and compelling way 


Just image what would you archive in your career if your could explain your expert opinion on complex technical issues to others who are not technical experts but decision makers with confidence in a simple way! 

Challenge yourself to take your communication ability to a whole new level. Much of the success of your communication depends on your ability to connect with people, read others' landscape, be present and organize your thoughts in a relevant way.

This programme will assist you to:

• Learn and practice different and new ways of communication with others
• Change your mind-set, use different new skills and change your results
• Become more confidence in achieving your goals and advancing your career.

Price : 689EUR


If you feel that none of the programme meet your needs, I will be happy to talk to you and design a special customized session or programme just for you.

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