Speaking Engagements

Matanat Rahimova, Founder, Executive Coach and Senior Consultant is an international speaker and expert on topics ranging from Global Career Agility - Make Big Impact Happen, Skills for the New Economy, Agile Change Management and Innovation.


Upcoming Events

Below are the list of events where Matanat has been asked to speak or act as a facilitator to groups of all sizes, from large formal gatherings and conference presentations, to workshop events and project board meetings.

25 March 2020
Global Career Agility - Your Dream Job in UN, a presentation for the members of the Vienna based Internations Network, REGISTRATION via www.internations.org - Vienna, Austria.

Past speaking engagements

9 -10 December 2019, St.Gallen, Switzerland, International Organizations Career Development Roundtable (CDR), a presenter of a clinic "Building Agile Fluid Teams for High Engagement and Impact".

31 May 2019, "Are you ready for the Agile International Development Career in the Gig Economy? ", a presentation at the conference "Innovative pathways to International Organizations" organised by WIO Network - Women for Career in International Organizations. Place: the Diplomatic Academy, Vienna, Austria.

17 and 18  December 2018, "New Career Agility Skills. A Gateway Strategy to Start the UN Career", a two day workshop for students of the Diplomatic Academy, Vienna, Austria

12 December 2018, a webinar "How to get ahead in the STEM career in international development?", a presenter.

2-5 December 2018, Lisbon, International Organizations Career Development Roundtable (CDR), a presenter of a clinic "Create a Culture of Agile Future-Work Readiness Using New Agile Processes".

17 October 2018, "Make Your Impact on the World! How to land a dream job in the UN and International Development field?", a presentation for students of the Diplomatic Academy only, Vienna, Austria.

18 October 2018,"Tips & Hints for a Winning Job Interview ", a presentation for a Women Only Group of the InterNations, Vienna, Austria (Open Enrolment via InterNations website)

17 July 2018, 6pm CEST / 12pm EDT / 9am PDT
3 Imperatives of Non-profit Leadership, Free and Practical Webinar.

Explore deeper insights to working more successfully with and in Non-Profit Organizations as well as the UN Organizations with
- Bettina  Neidhardt, Managing  Director, NewCulturalAgility (Switzerland)
- Matanat  Rahimova, Founder  &  Consultant, TheTalenTech (Austria)
- Judit Hegedüs, Director  Intersearch Hungary (Hungary)
- Alex  Pires, Senior  Manager, Engineering  &  Innovation UFBA (Brazil)

14 June 2018
REACT Course, Helsinki España– Human Dimension, Madrid, Spain Presenter and Trainer.

9 May 2018
Behind the scenes: 3 things you need to know to get a dream job in the UN and international organisations. , REGISTRATION via www.internations.org, space is limited!

3 May 2018
Career Café Professional MBA Business Core, WU Executive Academy, Vienna, Austria , Career Partner/Career Advisor

8 March 2018
Women's Day Conference, the Women at the UN - Accountability Buddy Network, Vienna, Austria & International Livestream,Presenter and Trainer

1 March 2018
Career Partner/Career Advisor, Career Café Global Executive MBA, PMBA Energy Management and PMBA Marketing & Sales, WU Executive Academy, Vienna, Austria

21 February 2018
Presenter, Webster University, Vienna, Austria and International Livestream

9 January 2018
Presenter, Webinar, Professional Women Networking – Paris, France

15 January 2018
Presenter, Professional Women Networking – Vienna, Austria

5-6 December 2017
Presenter, XIV International Organizations Career Development Roundtable and Careers Fair, Dublin, Ireland

28 November 2017
Presenter, Webinar, Azerbaijan State University of Economics

25 October 2017
Presenter, Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Austria

13 July 2017
Presenter, Azerbaijan Scandinavia Alumni Association, Baku, Azerbaijan

25 April 2017
Presenter, Internations, Vienna, Austria

17 May 2017
Presenter, Career Club, Professional Women Networking – Vienna, Austria

27 March 2017
Presenter, Women in Vienna Professionals, Closed Facebook Group, Vienna, Austria

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