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At the TalentTech, we provide a systemic process and exceptional career development/transition services supporting the international organizations and their professionals and senior managers who are going through the phases of transitioning from the end of an assignment, are between assignments, and/or returning from secondment or Special Leave Without Pay (SLWOP).

Our services at a glance:

• Skills assessment and career analysis
• Writing effective CV/PHF and cover letter
• A competency-based interview preparation
• Matching skills and competencies with a desired position/employer
• Assessing employee’s growth areas for re-skilling and re-education
• Setting career life goals and creating a development/transition plan


• Career consulting and coaching sessions
• Competency coaching for staff transitioning within organization
• Advising on recruitment and sector’s trends, and employee benefit information and support
• Designing and delivering an innovative, engaging and efficient career development/transition programme
• Professional networking and community help

What-employerWhat is employer’s benefit?

• Maintain your organization’s image by positive statements from supported ex-employees
• Positive signals for remain employees to feel understood and taken care – therefore enable them to stay motivated and efficient till end of a tenure at workplace
• Employees affected by the end of the service, will more easily cope with the separation, therefore no possible medical or legal implications.

What-employeeWhat is your employee’s benefit?

• High probability to find the ideal job
• Expert advice and hands on support on self-marketing strategies
• Job search strategies in the international development field
• Traumatic experience of separation will be overcome faster and self-confidence will be maintained
• Approach with empathy and compassion is guaranteed.

What includes career transition services?

4 steps finding a new career path

self awareness

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Matanat Rahimova, Ph.D., MBA
Career Consultant and Coach
T +43-664-9127366

What are our competencies in the context of international organizations?

• International Management
• Human Resources
• Project management
• Change Management
• Co-active® coaching
• Modern mentoring
• Design and delivery of innovative, effective and efficient capacity building programmes
• Innovative learning technologies
• Personal experience with a career transition

How can we work together?

• Workshops/webinars for professionals who are transitioning from their assignments
• Career Transitioning Mastery Coaching programme (individual or group based)
• Design and Delivery a Customised Career Development/Transition programme
• Executive Coaching
• Path Finder - skills assessment, career re-direction and planning coaching programme
• Flash Your Application – writing effective CV/PFH and letters consulting programme
• Competency-based Interview Skills Building consulting programme
• Competencies and Skills Building coaching programme